Minerva Med. 1984 Oct 20;75(40):2381-7.

Initial experiences in the treatment of psoriasis with pulsating magnetic fields.

[Article in Italian]

Castelpietra R, Dal Conte G.

The ability of a pulsed magnetic field to achieve regression in psoriasis was investigated in 110 patients. The best results were obtained in the scalp hair region (100% good results), patches in the classic sites (73,7% good results) in males, and in guttate forms (75% good results) in females. Persons in the 2nd, 5th and 6th decades of life showed the best response to this treatment, while longstanding forms responded better than those of more recent origin. The treatment seemed to be particularly successful when commenced in march-april (80% good results). No side-effects worthy of note were observed. It is felt that the field employed has a systemic effect.

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