PEMF – Athletic Performance

Athletic performance enhancement is as simple as going to bed with the M3 PEMF device under your bedding. The M3 PEMF provides multi-dimensional biohacking, not just athletic performance enhancement. A combination of physical and mental performance enhancement.

The M3 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices enhance deep-sleep and radically accelerate short and long-term recovery on both physical and psychological levels; while synergistically providing the most potent ergogenic, adaptogenic, anti-catabolic sports performance enhancing effects.

There are no,… I repeat NO biohacking techniques that come close to either. Certainly not tDCS – transcranial direct current stimulation or any other types of electric stimulation, or vibration plates, or 3-D gaming for tuning-up reflexes, fine-tuning motor control, or increasing strength, stamina or accelerating repair. Put all those technologies together and you still won’t even come close to M3 PEMF. Hypoxic training takes time and effort. You do this in your sleep. Can you handle that?

PEMF – Golf

PEMF has a great effect on your mental ability and stability and many research has been done regarding the effects of PEMF theraphy.

Golf performance enhancement with PEMF will lower your golf handicap and improve your sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PGA Champion at the top of his / her game or had an injury or two holding you back. If you are an older golfer experiencing muscle weakness or balance issues, PEMF is the miracle you’ve been hoping for.

PEMF works so well, on so many different levels, the more health challenges you’ve got the better your golf score is going to improve. Sleep better at night, feel and perform better during the daytime, drop strokes off your game.

Introducing M3 PEMF — guaranteed golf performance enhancement (and overall quality of life) by improving depth and duration of sleep, improving flexibility, accelerating recovery, slowing ageing, enhancing strength & stamina and tuning up fine motor control. It’ll even help you avert age-related vision loss.

The best for your golf is not the latest golf clubs but rather a better body and mind.

You probably know that magnetic therapies have been all the rage in golf aids over the last decade or more — a bracelet to improve your swing or reduce that kink in your wrist, a wrap on your knee or ankle to help reduce pain, even magnetic insoles to help promote balance. There is even a slew of “energy pendants” on the market designed to improve your mental and neurological states. Maybe they work, maybe they don’t. But PEMF is different,…and M3 PEMF is a LOT different. M3PEMF works during sleep to help you sleep better and wake up more flexible.

While the technologies listed above involve static magnetic fields, PEMF is PULSED electromagnetic fields. Even though it’s been well studied for six decades, is used by some very smart doctors all over the world on hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of patients to provide truly miraculous healing effects, it’s been relegated to footnotes in medical textbooks. PEMF doesn’t even get the press it deserves from the alternative news networks.

Nothing works as well on so many things as PEMF does. Not lasers, LEDs, electric stimulation. Not herbs, vitamins or minerals, enzymes. Sure, you need the latter group to remain healthy, and the former devices are certainly better than nothing, but M3 PEMF is the only thing on Earth that enhances golf performance at or beyond what would be considered “normal” even for banned or outright illegal ergogenic aids.