Perineal Healing in Maternity Patients

Georgian Med News. 2006 Sep;(138):71-3

Application of magnet laser radiation to stimulate healing of perineum injuries in the maternity patients.

[Article in Russian]

  • Rzakulieva LM,
  • Israfilbeili SG,
  • Gasymova G.

The study is aimed at developing the new complex effective method of treatment with an application of magnet laser radiation as a stimulating aid in healing of perineum injuries in the maternity patients. 86 maternity patients with perineotomy and/or episiotomy were studied in treatment. The injury on the perineum was conventionally treated by antiseptics in 40 maternity patients (control group); the magnet laser therapy (MLT) by means of device “MILTA” was applied to 46 maternity patients in concomitantly with the conventional methods. The therapeutic effect was based on the combined influence of the constant magnetic field and impulsive laser radiation of the red and infra-red range on the body. The patients reported less discomfort during MLT, which promotes the decrease of pain intensity and hyperaemia instantly after 2-3 procedures. We have not observed any sutures divergence in the maternity patients who received MLT, in comparison to the control group where full divergence of sutures was registered in 2.5%, and partial–in 7.5%. The proposed complex method of treatment with the application of MLT improves the process of the healing considerably, promotes the rapid disappearance of inflammatory signs and renders analgesic effect.