Vestn Khir Im I I Grek. 1985 Apr;134(4):69-74.

Effect of a flow-frequency alternating magnetic field on the microflora and healing of burn wounds.

[Article in Russian]

Gaiduk VI, Skachkova NK, Fedorovskaia EA.

Under observation were 77 patients with burned hands. It was shown that the application of the alternating low frequency magnetic field resulted in the inhibition of the microbial flora of burn wounds, raised the sensitivity of staphylococci and blue pus bacillus to a number of reserve antibiotics, accelerated the healing of superficial burns and preparation of the wounds for autodermoplasty after deep burns. The authors recommend to use magnetotherapy in the complex treatment of burned hands.

The significance of low-frequency magnetotherapy for local treatment of burns.  An experimental comparative approach (author’s transl).

[Article in German]

Sauer HD, Rudy D.

Under standardized experimental conditions 3rd degree burns were produced on the neck of 241 Wistar-rats. The process of wound-healing was documented by means of planimetric, histologic and microbiologic methods. In comparison to an untreated control-group the effectiveness of low-frequency magnetotherapy (system magnetodyn 5 by W. Krauss) as well as coagulation of necrosis according to Grob and autologous skin-transplantation were studied. The results obtained indicate that only early debridement of necrosis and subsequent autologous skin-grafting guarantees sufficient acceleration of wound healing. The low-frequency magnetotherapy according to Krauss showed no effect of therapeutic value. With the coagulation of necrosis, as described by Grob, a germfree status under the necrosis was obtained for nearly 2 weeks