Blepharitis – Blepharoptosis

Med Tekh. 2002 Nov-Dec;(6):14-6.

Combined treatment of congenital bleparoptosis in children and adolescents.

[Article in Russian]

Kokorev VIu, Riabtseva AA, Gerasimenko MIu, Filatova EV.

The paper deals with a complex procedure for rehabilitation of children with congenital blepharoptosis, which includes the multilevelled impact on the concerned central and peripheral links of the neuromuscular apparatus by using magnetic laser therapy and electrostimulation.

Vestn Oftalmol. 1993 Jul-Sep;109(4):16-8.

A new method for treating chronic blepharitis using magnetic compounds and an alternating magnetic field.

[Article in Russian]

Machekhin VA, Sheludchenko VM, Iablokova NV, Zvegintseva GB, Kapranova NE.

Discusses a new method of clinical use of alternating magnetic field from 0.1 to 0.25 T and of a magnetic ointment composition with reduced iron powder in patients with chronic blepharitis. Such treatment was found fairly effective, reducing the rehabilitation periods 2-3-fold and giving a good clinical effect (41-87%).