Ulcer – Duodenal, Gastric, Peptic

Lik Sprava. 1994 Jan;(1):83-5.

The results of treating gastric and duodenal peptic ulcer by using the millimeter-range wavelength.

[Article in Russian]

Vinogradov VG, Kisel’ LK, Mager NV.


Complex treatment of peptic ulcer with drugs and millimeter electromagnetic waves (MEW) allows to shorten stay in hospital by 2 weeks. Ambulatory MEW therapy may be effective even if used without any drugs, especially in young patients with fresh ulcer. Thus, MEW treatment is recommended by the authors to be widely applied for the treatment of peptic ulcer both in hospital and out-patient departments.

Lik Sprava. 1992 Aug;(8):36-8.

The local treatment of patients with a duodenal ulcer with millimeter-range electromagnetic radiation.

[Article in Ukrainian]

Zly? MV, Netiazhenko VZ, Zly? VV.


A technique was designed for the treatment of duodenal ulcer patients by electromagnetic radiation of the millimeter range (ERMR); 30 patients were treated by this method, while 50 patients received traditional therapy; other patients were treated by lasers, cithemidin. Endoscopic ERMR treatment in combination with drugs was more effective than other methods.

Vrach Delo. 1991 May;(5):59-61.

The effect of hypnotic suggestion and millimeter-range electromagnetic radiation on the clinical and endoscopic indices in peptic ulcer patients.

[Article in Russian]

Nikula TD, Kan EB.


The authors studied the effect of microwave resonance therapy, hypnosuggestion and their combinations on the dynamics of clinico-endoscopic indices in 182 patients with duodenal ulcer. It was established that these methods were highly effective allowing to control rapidly the pain syndrome, to achieve complete healing of the ulcer in 70-95% of cases within 14.8-16.7 days. The results were best when the two methods were combined.

Vrach Delo. 1990 May;(5):6-9.

The use of millimeter-range electromagnetic radiation for treating peptic ulcer.

[Article in Russian]

Dogotar’ VB, Tkach SM, Perederi? VG, Kuzenko IuG.


The efficacy was studied of treatment of ulcer disease by means of microwave resonance radiation. It was established that this method of treatment has advantages over traditional drug therapy in patients harbouring the ulcer in the duodenum. The authors describe contraindications to the use of this method, determine the duration of treatment.