Cleft Palate

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 2000 Jul-Aug;(4):35-7.

The new potentials of magneto-laser therapy and electrostimulation in children with cleft palate and upper lip

[Article in Russian]

Gerasimenko MIu, Filatova EV, Borisenko OV, Levchenkova VD, Grishina NV, Spiridonova NZ, Shevchenko EIu, Goncharenko LL.

The paper presents rationale for design of new procedures of physiotherapy in children with expanded palate and upper lip; morphofunctional features of prenatal and early postnatal formation of central nervous system; a multilayer technique of magneto-laser radiation to the projection of the anterior central gyrus and the technique of electrostimulation by the system of the wink reflex which can influence central mechanisms of regulation and adaptation before and early after uranoplasty and cheiloplasty.