Electromagn Biol Med. 2007;26(4):305-9.

The autistic syndrome and endogenous ion cyclotron resonance: state of the art.

Crescentini F.

Department of Bioelectromagnetic Research, I.R.P. L’Aquila, Pescara, Italy.

The autistic syndrome is a multigenic disease whose expression is different according to the level of involvement of different structures in the central nervous system. The pathogenesis is unknown. No completely effective medical therapy has yet been demonstrated. Accepting the request of the families of eight autistic children in Lomazzo, Milan and Naples, we used ion cyclotron resonance (Seqex(R) therapy) therapeutic support after many other therapies had been already carried out on these patients. After regimens consisting of 20-30 treatments with ICR, improvements were noted in all cases.