Analgetic Effect – Comparing Magnetic and Laser Stimulation before Oral Surgery

Wiad Lek. 2006;59(9-10):630-3.

Comparison of analgetic effect of magnetic and laser stimulation before oral surgery procedures.

[Article in Polish]

Koszowski R, Smieszek-Wilczewska J, Dawiec G.

Z Katedry i Zakadu Chirurgii Stomatologicznej w Bytomiu Slaskiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach.


Oral surgery procedures are often the cause of painful sensations because of their tissue invasiveness. To avoid these sensations a wide use of nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs is usually accepted. Because of plenty side effects of these drugs alternative antipain agents are desired. The goal of this study was to assess antipain effect of laser stimulation and alternating magnetic field in oral surgery procedures. Pain sensations in patients during: local anesthetics application, surgical procedure and after it were assessed according to VAS scale. Level of stomatological fear was assessed with the use of Corah’s scale. Achieved results were analyzed statistically. Conclusion of this analysis is that laser stimulation and alternating magnetic field applied directly before oral surgery procedure are effective antipain agents that decrease intra and postoperative sensations. It was observed that patients with high level of stomatological fear had more pain sensations but even in this group laser and magnetic stimulation significantly lowered these complaints.