Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2000;79(6):16-9.

Use of transcutaneous laser biostimulation of blood and a running alternating magnetic field in preparing periodontitis patients for surgery.

[Article in Russian]

Lepilin AV, Bulkina NV, Bogomolova NV, Raigorodskii IuM.

A total of 103 patients with exacerbation of chronic generalized periodontitis of moderate and high severity were treated using running alternating magnetic field generated by ATOS device and transcutaneous laser biostimulation of the blood. These treatment modalities accelerated preoperative treatment and allowed performing the operations on the periodontal tissues in the optimal status under conditions of improved defense forces of the organism.

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2003;82(4):20-4.

Magnetic laser therapy in the treatment of apical periodontitis.

[Article in Russian]

Giliazetdinova IuA, Vinnichenko AV, Vinnichenko IuA.

A new method for the treatment of apical periodontitis, making use of Optodan laser, differs from the known method by more rapid periapical tissue regeneration, which is paralleled by high antiinflammatory effect of magnetic laser therapy at early stages of treatment.

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