Peptic – Duodenal Ulcer

Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 1993;93(6):50-2.

A psychoautonomic syndrome in duodenal peptic ulcer patients and its correction by magnetic puncture using an alternating magnetic field.

[Article in Russian]

Kravtsova TIu, Rybolovtsev EV, Shutov AA.

86 duodenal ulcer patients were diagnosed to have serious psychovegetative disorders. Among other treatment, the patients were exposed to AMF puncture of biologically active points. The puncture produced optimization of the function of cerebral (suprasegmental) vegetative structures, promoted a regress of vegetative dystonia clinical symptoms and speeded up ulcer healing.

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 1994 Jan-Feb;(1):22-4.

The use of magnetic puncture in patients with duodenal peptic ulcer.

[Article in Russian]

Kravtsova TIu, Rybolovlev EV, Kochurov AP.

Sixty-six patients with duodenal ulcer were found to have apparent shifts in psychovegetative correlations. The patients underwent puncture with alternating magnetic field of active biological points responsible for general adaptation (E 36, G 14, VB 20) and gastroduodenal function (E 20, T 9, T 8). The treatment improved emotional, personality and vegetative regulation. The symptoms declined and ulcer healed more rapidly.

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