Kidney – Pyelonephritis

Urologiia. 2004 Jul-Aug;(4):32-4.

Dopplerographic assessment of therapeutic efficacy of incoherent quantum irradiation in combined therapy of acute pyelonephritis.

[Article in Russian]

Avdoshin VP, Andriukhin MI, Popov AIu, Seifullaev RV, Zaitseva IV, Shirshov VN.

The authors present a comparative estimation of therapeutic efficiency of conventional antibacterial therapy, coherent and incoherent impulse quantum irradiation at a constant magnetic field in combined therapy of 130 patients with acute pyelonephritis. Incoherent impulsive quantum irradiation at a constant magnetic field showed high clinical efficacy manifesting in early normalization of microcirculation of the affected kidney.

Urol Nefrol (Mosk). 1993 Mar-Apr;(2):17-20.

The effect of magnetic and laser therapy on the course of an experimental inflammatory process in the kidneys.

[Article in Russian]

Rodoman VE, Avdoshin VP, Eliseenko VI, Andriukhin MI, Rudyk IaV.

Magnetolaserotherapy (impulse power 3.6-15.2 mW, 10-50 mT) in rabbits with acute pyelonephritis resulted in significant improvement against the responses in the control group. Histologically, this appeared as exudation phase reduction, more rapid proliferation, replacement of the inflammation focus for granulation tissue.

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