Herpetic Stomatitis

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 1995;74(2):37-9.

Immunocorrective therapy in the treatment of chronic herpetic stomatitis by using magnetic autohemotherapy.

[Article in Russian]

Grebnev EN, Shumskii AV.

Twenty-seven patients with chronic herpetic stomatitis were treated using routine protocols including traditional autohemotherapy (controls, n = 12) and magnetic autohemotherapy (main group, n = 15) developed by the authors. Local therapy was identical in both groups and corresponded to the disease stage. Treatment with magnetic autohemotherapy proved to be highly effective: it prolonged the remission and reduced the incidence and duration of exacerbations. Cytological findings indicate that such an exposure activated the processes of regeneration of the buccal and labial mucosal epithelium. A trend to normalization of some parameters of cellular and humoral immunity was observed.

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