Fetal and Placental Development

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 2004 May-Jun;(3):28-32.

[Corrective action of the microwave electromagnetic field on progeny development in rats with impared uteroplacental circulation]

[Article in Russian]
Lysaia TN, Sheveleva GA, Strugatskii VM.
The experiment on 71 non-inbred white pregnant rats, 316 fetuses and placentas, 323 first progeny in experimental chronic impairment of uteroplacental circulation in females with pregnancy in the ploid period has found that decimetric waves (DW) in a weak heat dose (40 mW/cm2) prevents hypotrophy and disorders of fetal and placental development. Also, DW accelerate formation of motorsensory reflexes in the progeny in an early neonatal period and normalize their behavioral reactions at a mature age. The findings may serve experimental-theoretical grounds for application of weak heat DW radiation in obstetric practice in various general and regional hemocirculation.

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