Anti-Ageing & Longevity Machine: More-ATP the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse

The world’s anti-ageing and longevity machine, the M3 PEMF sleep & performance enhancement system is the world’s anti-aging machine. It represents nothing less than a breakthrough in the science of mitochondrial support and anti-ageing. M3 PEMF reverses symptoms of ageing and NASA research points to potential reversal of aging markers all the way down to the DNA level. Had they gone further, we believe they’d have found changes in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) as well.

NASA / Goodwin 10 Hz PEMF – 8 hours per day for 17-21 days resulted in “significant down-regulation of 175 maturation and regulatory genes and up-regulation of 150 genes associated with growth and cellular proliferation.”    Eight hours per day at 1/2 Gauss sounds a lot like EarthPulse™ PEMF at night.

This novel anti-ageing and longevity machine provides methods that expose the entire body to night-long sessions of very-weak, pulsed DC electromagnetic fields through your mattress, at frequencies mimicking those in the bottom-end of the Schumann scale (particularly at 9.6 Hz) that have been shown to promote deep sleep while greatly enhancing levels of naturally derived ATP.  More-ATP!

After nearly one year of experimenting (December 2014 – Oct 2015) it seems as if the lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz, i.e. 4.8 Hz, 3.2 Hz, 2.4 Hz, 1.2 Hz has much if not all of the same effects. For those who are familiar with sonic or sound frequency therapy, there is a remarkable correlation between them and the frequencies listed above.

Curiously the same psychoactive frequencies that entrain humans to sleep via well established process known as brain-wave entrainment, have been shown in several separate physiological and neurological studies to stimulate cell mitochondria, subsequently resulting in enhanced cell respiration / oxydative phosphorilation including the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle) whereby increased enzyme levels known to be associated with oxygen metabolism provide more-ATP with less oxidative waste known as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

After weeks of nightly stimulation, cells are so well detoxified and producing such high levels of ATP (known by the body to be associated with youthful levels), that the cells actually revert from mature to developmental DNA signature as proven by NASA.

This study from 2012 at 10 Hz -> Mechanism of functional recovery after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS at 10 Hz) in the subacute cerebral ischemic rat model: neural plasticity or anti-apoptosis? shows that 10 Hz is anti-apoptopic.

Aerobic metabolism becomes so efficient after night long stimulation at frequencies between 2 & 10 Hz that during intense athletic performance, it prolongs aerobic metabolism and minimizes (or eradicates) time spent in anaerobic metabolism; thereby minimizing lactic acid production, lost performance & exercise induced pain.

Enhancing sleep while synergistically turbo-charging cell respiration over months and years is a concept I refer to as More-ATP. More-ATP is quite literally the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging…but in reverse.

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